Newfoundlands: Myths and Truths

Written by our guest: Jenna

Newfoundlands: For the past 15 years, I was dreaming of the day I got to call one of these giant fur balls my own. My name is Jenna, and I have now been a Newfie owner for just over a year, and boy was that the best decision I ever made. As a first time Newfie owner, I did a fair amount of research of the breed before finally deciding to own one. With my previous research & experience thus far, I will share with you some Myths & Facts about the Newfoundland breed. And I will gladly throw in some pictures of my 1 year old Newfie, Huckleberry, along the way!

Meet Huckleberry! Instagram: onefloofynewfie

Myth: "Newfoundlands are a Low Maintenance Breed"

Newfoundlands have a LOT of hair, and with a lot of hair, comes a lot of shedding. You will find hair in places you would never expect. If you decide to groom your newfie yourself, like me, you will need to invest in a wide array of grooming tools and a lot of your time. You will need to brush your Newfoundland often, sometimes daily, depending on their lifestyle, in order to keep their coat healthy and not have their hair become tangled and matted. Brushing often will also help control the shedding.

Truth: "Newfoundlands Love Water"

Most Newfoundlands absolutely love water and are great swimmers! They have webbed paws that make them strong swimmers and great water rescue dogs. Now, this doesn’t mean take your Newfie puppy to the water and toss them in, it is best to slowly introduce them and let them learn at their own pace. If your Newfie is anything like mine, you won’t be able to get him out of the water! But watch out, the more you water your Newfie, the faster they grow!